Saturday, July 25, 2009


That day began with lot of tears in my eyes, my dad took me to the school! He left me in a class room filled with my new friends and almost everyone of us were crying in different octaves. My dad requested the teacher to take care of me and left with a husky bye to me. I remember, even he was sad. I guess he would have worried about the the teacher and the complaints he will be receiving from that day. He guessed right!

Though I was saying bye in a loud voice to my father, my eyes were with full of tears.
That was the first day for the rest of my life, I thought my freedom is taken by some one and I felt alone in the mid of modulated cries. That whole day I was expecting the last bell, that will bailout me from the classroom and the school bus to take me home.

It went as a regular practice for some days of huge tears. And with variety of scoldings and appreciations I completed my primary school with a rank , I don't remember the number of my rank.

As an irony the first day of my high school
was not as expected or assumed by me.

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