Tuesday, July 7, 2009


hai...this is DEEPAK VIGNESHWAR i have fineshed my 12th std and i joined diplamo of visual communication in LOYOLA.My blog created by my chitappa his name is THANGAMANI PRABHU and his blog name ishttp://chinthani.blogspot.com/.The main reason to create this blog is to devalope my english knowledge and if anybody see my blog give some command and correction even spelling mistake.That surely help me to devalope my english knowledge.


  1. Dear Vignesh,
    Good day! Welcome to the bloggers family. The blog is fantastic. Do not worry about apelling mistakes. Just post your emotions, influences, observations, learnings, happiness, sorrow, anger, frustrations and importantly aspirations the way your heart and mind says.

    All the best

    Let me know what is the meaning for Chitappa as I do not know.

  2. thank u very much....chithappa it is in tamil but i dont know in enlish.This is Thangamani prabhu chithappa....

  3. It is normally UNCLE.

    Dictionary meaning "A family relationship, either the brother of a parent or the husband of a sister of a parent. A woman with an equivalent relationship is an aunt."

  4. Wah, that is a good begining yaar. But I expected another one from you today. and note, Murali mama has defined something you ve asked for. jus thank him, visit his blog by clicking his name from here. He has written abt MJ in a wonderful way.